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Saturday, May 1, 2010
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Time is Money

Bring TIM! has released Bring TIM! (Time is Money!), a portable meeting-cost calculator designed to bring both brevity and levity to meetings.

Features of the time-management tool include: a 15-minute-meeting alert option, including an audible tone and blinking light; a display that updates costs by the second; an illuminated start and stop button; adjustable hourly-rate buttons that adjust in $5 per hour increments; and the number-of-attendees buttons that can accommodate up to 99 people.

The pause button is designed to allow for mid-meeting adjustments.

Two AAA batteries are included with the device. Volume discounts are available.

Cost is $24.99.

Bring TIM! Bettendorf, Iowa

Mobile Application for HSAs

PayFlex Systems USA Inc. has launched PayFlex Mobile, a broad mobile-application platform designed to give consumers access to all elements of their personalized healthcare financial benefits.

The product is designed to provide access to health-savings accounts, flexible-spending accounts and health-reimbursement arrangements, including information on account balances, deductibles, co-pays and claims history. It is also designed to allow the user to create customized alerts and conduct claims submissions wirelessly.

PayFlex Mobile is compatible with more than 300 different mobile devices and can be downloaded quickly.

Price varies.

PayFlex Systems USA Inc., Omaha, Neb.

HR Management Software

Sage North America, a business-software provider, has expanded its HR management offerings for the nonprofit and government sectors.

The two new modules are designed to provide fully integrated HR, employee self-service, payroll and tax-compliance capabilities to small and midsized nonprofits and government agencies that used the Sage MIP Fund Accounting nonprofit financial management software.

The new HR management module for Sage's MIP Fund Accounting is designed to be fully integrated to the software's Payroll and General Ledger modules and provide nonprofit customers with full data management, as well as reporting and tracking features.

The new Employee Web Service module is designed to provide employee self-service functionality for nonprofits and fully integrate with the software's human resource management and payroll modules, and allows employees and managers to securely enter, update and approve timesheets and other records online.

Price varies.

Sage North America, Austin, Texas

Resume Response

Manpower Business Solutions launched Resume Response, designed as a standalone front-end recruiting solution.

The product is designed as a job candidate-selection tool that identifies and helps screen high-quality applicants through a systematic, technology-driven process augmented by the company's best practices.

It is designed to both accelerate the recruiting process by evaluating, assessing and screening applicants according to the hiring company's job requisition, and to promote a positive employer-brand experience by automatically sending letters to those candidates whose qualifications did not match the specific job requisition's hiring criteria.

The product is also designed to work with a hiring company's existing applicant tracking system.

Price varies.

Manpower Business Solutions, Milwaukee

Components of Corporate Culture

Author Mark N. Clemente has released a new research-based planning guide designed to define a corporation's culture in order to support culture analysis and management, cultural due diligence and post-merger integration.

The publication, entitled Organizational Archaeology: A Research-Based Framework for Analyzing, Managing or Integrating Corporate Cultures, aims to build on the concept of "artifacts" of culture and provide a planning approach to assess the significance of those traits when analyzing culture to improve business performance or to support M&A target-company analyses and post-merger integrations.

The research study and accompanying workbook are available for immediate download in PDF form.

Download cost is $295; multi-user discounts available.

Clemente Communications Group, Glen Rock, N.J.

Scheduling App for BlackBerry

HotSchedules, a restaurant-workforce management-solutions provider, has released its restaurant employee scheduling application for the BlackBerry.

The new application is designed to allow restaurant employees to check their work schedule anytime, anywhere with a mobile-optimized application; request time off; pick up a shift or release a shift and check manager approvals. Users can also call or e-mail co-workers on their HotSchedules contact list with one click, access their HotSchedules inbox and send messages.

A release enabling manager-facing functionality will also shortly be available.

Cost is $2.99 on BlackBerry App World.

HotSchedules Inc., Austin, Texas

Selecting an EAP

The Employee Assistance Society of North America has published Selecting and Strengthening Employee Assistance Programs: A Purchaser's Guide.

The 62-page report, developed by EASNA's knowledge transfer and research committee, was written to provide education, guidelines, data and inside information on EAPs and is intended for use by HR departments. It reviews the benefits of having an EAP, lists what to look for and what to consider when choosing an EAP provider, cites ways to evaluate a current EAP and discusses how to get the most out of selected programs.

The guide's appendices provide external links and Web sites to resources and other similar reports, a sample request-for-proposal, a sample audit and a glossary of terms as well as 147 references to the primary research and thought in the field.

EASNA, Arlington, Va.

All-in-One Disability Insurance

The Standard Insurance Co., a subsidiary of StanCorp Financial Group Inc., has launched its All in One Disability Insurance, designed to combine short- and long-term disability for groups with 10 to 2,499 insured employees.

The product is designed to give employers the flexibility in choosing employer-paid or employee-paid plans, as well as the option to tailor coverage to the specific needs of employees.

The All In One Disability product includes an own occupation definition that includes a more refined "own job" period, which is based on a claimant's particular job with their employer; and a 90-day preexisting- condition waiver, wherein benefits are payable up to 90 days even if the disability was caused by a preexisting condition.

The product also includes a confidential EAP, provided through an arrangement with Horizon Health and designed to help employees and their families address problems such as stress and anxiety, financial and legal concerns, and alcohol and drug abuse.

Price varies.

Standard Insurance Co., Portland, Ore.

New Social Recruiting Tool, an online marketplace for $100K+ jobs, has introduced MyPipeline, a new social recruiting tool designed to help recruiters deliver job-related information to candidates.

The enterprise-recruiting solution is designed to create a talent pool of high-quality candidates who have signed up to receive updates. It is also designed to deliver new job opportunities to a pipeline of pre-screened candidates, communicate personalized messages beyond the job postings and promote a company and personal brand to high-quality candidates.

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Privacy Policy, New York

Choosing Made Easy

Yucca Valley, Calif.-based Catalyst Development Corp. has released ChoiceAnalyst, a decision-support tool designed to help companies when it comes to hiring and layoff decisions.

The product is designed to organize all options and criteria necessary to make a hiring/layoff decision, then reduces that complex decision to a series of choices between just two possibilities while considering each criterion. When that process is completed, the product mathematically calculates and presents all options available, in ranked order, with the best choice at the top of the list. Thirty days of free technical support is offered upon purchase, and a fully functional, 15-day evaluation form is available at:

Standard edition regular price is $199.

Catalyst Development Corp., Yucca Valley, Calif.

New Services Model, a provider of online manufacturing training, has released a range of new services designed to help companies succeed with their training programs.

The new services cover four different areas: core services, optimization services, managed services and comprehensive services. Core services are designed to ensure a smooth beginning to a training program, with curriculum and account setup, internal marketing and student training; optimization services are designed to assist existing customers by maximizing usage of their training; managed services are designed to help companies monitor student usage, resolve technical issues and report the results of the training program. The comprehensive services are designed to help companies better plan training programs, and include an initial investigation stage and development of a business case, as well as ongoing support after training.

Price varies., Cleveland, Ohio

Free Timecard Calculator

Redcort Software has released a free, Web-based timecard calculator designed to provide a convenient weekly timesheet for totaling employee hours.

The free calculator can be used on both Windows PC and Mac computers, and is designed to be a simple form that allows employees to input a starting time, ending time and break deduction for each day of the week. Total hours worked for the day and week are instantly totaled, and a timesheet can be printed from any modern Web browser with an Internet connection for payroll processing.

Redcort Software, Fresno, Calif.

Powering Social Recruiting

Jobvite has released Jobvite Source, designed to be the first Web application to help employers find the right candidates in the social networks and on the Web.

The application is also designed to help employees find referral prospects in their own social networks and contacts and help recruiters target prospective candidates on the Web.

Jobvite Source is designed to open an immediate social recruiting channel for companies without requiring additional manpower or budget, as well as pull together free candidate sources into one vertical search experience that matches profiles to job descriptions.

Jobvite, San Francisco

Team Assessment Product

The Table Group has released an upgrade of its Online Team Assessment tool, which now includes a new Comparison Report, designed to identify how a team's performance changes over time.

The report, designed for teams that have already taken the Online Team Assessment, also highlights a team's strongest and weakest areas as well as areas of greatest improvement and decline.

The Web-based assessment tool is comprised of 38 questions designed to help teams evaluate themselves against the "five dysfunctions": absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results. It also provides specific feedback with recommendations for helping teams overcome potential team dysfunctions.

Price varies.

The Table Group, San Francisco

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