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Leading Vendors | Human Resource Executive Online Here are some of the leading vendors that provide outsourced learning offerings, with information on their companies provided from their Web sites.

Monday, March 16, 2009
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Accenture Learning BPO Services is a comprehensive learning outsourcing offering -- backed by deep consulting and technology capabilities -- that helps organizations drive measurable improvements in business performance from their learning and talent management investments.


ACS Learning Services provides end-to-end learning outsourcing services to companies that are integral to a comprehensive HR, talent management or learning process outsourcing (LPO) strategy, including learning assessment services, curriculum design and content development services as well as complete learning process outsource services and learning technology services.


Convergys fully integrates comprehensive learning services into broader HR BPO services. Solutions include alignment and governance; content development and sourcing; learning delivery; administration and operations; reporting and analytics; and learning diagnostic.


From global LMS consolidation to Web 2.0 customer training portals -- and from learning performance dashboards to rapid e-learning development for worldwide product rollouts -- Expertus helps manage learning. It promises to deliver measurable business impact -- with management strategies, outsourcing services and technology-rich solutions that optimize learning efficiency and effectiveness.

General Physics

GP is a global performance improvement company that offers innovative and knowledgeable training, consulting, and business improvement services customized to meet specific needs. It has more than 40 years of leadership in training, consulting, and engineering services, and commits to bringing proven processes, best practices and lessons learned to bring greater success to organizations.


GeoLearning is a leading provider of managed learning services, and on-demand performance and learning platforms. Its on-demand learning and performance management products and services are designed to leverage the power of the Internet to accelerate the critical business processes within an organization, centrally manage human capital and knowledge acquisition, and dramatically increase their capacity to win a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

IBM Learning Solutions

IBM learning solutions are designed to inspire and equip employees to improve their performance, skills and knowledge for results. Consulting services and solutions include learning-content development , learning-management technology, learning infrastructure and hosting, learning outsourcing and learning delivery.


Intrepid is a global provider of award-winning learning solutions. In addition to consulting, technology and managed services, it offers packaged holistic learning solutions that can be rapidly tailored to support learner preferences and business goals worldwide. It collaborates with clients to create and sustain education and training programs that deliver measurable business results.

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NIIT is a leading global talent development corporation, building skilled manpower pools for global industry requirements. The company offers learning solutions to Individuals, enterprises and Institutions across 40 countries. Research-based innovation, a key driver at NIIT, is used to develop programs and curricula that use cutting-edge instructional design methodologies and training delivery.

Raytheon Professional Services

Raytheon Professional Services applies a broad range of award-winning training capabilities on a global scale to help organizations redesign how they train their employees, customers and partners. It also manages their training over the long term. It all aims at improving the performance of the learner while reducing total cost of ownership and delivering other measurable benefits. Its experience and insights span a wide variety of commercial industries, government agencies, languages, cultures and skill sets.


RWD's broad capabilities and experience in learning services is designed to offer organizations an added edge, while providing solutions that are both cost-effective and designed to meet the specific learning requirements of employees. It helps develop the optimal learning solution from strategic planning to implementation and post-launch management. The scalable spectrum of programs, which range from soft skills to highly technical training initiatives, are designed to reach organization-wide learning while recognizing the particular needs of individual corporate cultures and organizational models.

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