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Betting on LinkedIn
A year after its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn is leveraging its new parent's tools and capabilities to strengthen its position in the market.
A Look Forward
Our Inside HR Tech columnist files his after-action report on the 20th annual HR Technology Conference, which highlighted the growing use of HR tech to shape and direct more attention and resources to employee and organizational wellness.
The Difference Between Biased and Informed
These days, there's no lack of information for HR leaders to use to conduct research and due diligence on HR tech purchase decisions. But which sources of advice are trustworthy, or at least, relatively better than some of the competing alternatives?
Discovering Great HR Tech
Following up on last year's exciting "Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company" competition at the HR Technology® Conference, the eight nominees for 2017 include startups and newly emerging HR tech solution providers looking to make a digital difference in how HR works.
What Big Trends Mean for HR Tech
The annual release of a "must-read" report holds some interesting findings for HR tech professionals in the areas of mobile devices, cloud computing and the use of gamification for learning and development.
The Value of Investing in Employee Well-being
HR and benefits leaders are getting smarter and more thoughtful about how wellness or well-being programs can have a high impact in driving desired people and business outcomes.
Coming Attractions
Here are some observations about the current state of HR technology and some of the issues that will be explored at this year's HR Tech conference, including the link between technology and engagement and the maturation of analytics.
Can HR Tech Level the Playing Field?
HR leaders are increasingly focusing on inclusion, equity and fairness as new tools are taking the manual work out of analyzing and making recommendations to business leaders.
HCM Trendspotting
Here's a deeper look at three of the top 10 global trends identified in a new Deloitte report on human capital trends and how HR leaders can take advantage of them.
5 Innovation Drivers in Workplace Tech
Here's a look at some current trends in HR-systems development and design, and what HR leaders should consider when assessing HR-tech solutions.
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