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What's Coming Next in HR Tech
Look for voice-activated workplace apps, a variety of AI-aided systems and sprint-speed project trials and launches to soon enter the workplace, according to experts at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas.
Six Principles for Innovation
Former Google CHRO Laszlo Bock shared six steps for fostering innovation during his opening keynote address at the 2017 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.
HR's Role after the Equifax Breach
The recent Equifax data breach publicly exposed mountains of data that HR departments depend on. Here are a few examples where HR is vulnerable and what you can do to help protect employees.
Degrees of HR Analytics
American University has now joined the ranks of colleges and universities offering advanced degrees in HR analytics, but experts differ on their overall value.
The Future of Mobile Work
When a virtual digital assistant is embedded in vehicles of the future, HR issues such as safety, liability, work/life balance and others will be part of this brave new world of expanded car-based office productivity.
Harnessing Human Networks
In keynote speech at the HR Tech conference in Chicago, investor Barry Libert urged HR leaders to harness the power of human networks.
Survey: HR Tech Helps Smaller Firms Excel
The 2016-17 Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey shows how evolving technology is helping organizations reach goals that match their corporate cultures.
Choosing an HR Software Partner
Over the past five years, more than $4.5 billion has been invested in HR software companies, and the size of the market is estimated to reach $9.2 billion by 2020. Here's a guide to help you choose the right HR software partner for your organization's needs.
A Banner Year for HR Tech
Sierra-Cedar's latest HR Systems Survey suggests 2015 has been an exciting year of record HR-tech spending plans, core purchases in the cloud and investments in new innovations.
Coming (Back) to America
While the concept of offshoring processes to lower-cost areas of the world was all the rage just a few short years ago, experts say that factors such as a narrowing wage gap and automation are now causing companies to "re-shore" their operations.
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HR Technology Column

Often new phrases surface at the HR Tech Conference (or reach a volume) that get people buzzing. Three years later, they disappear into real software functionality or oblivion. Did you hear much about predictive analytics this year, while artificial intelligence smacked you in the face on the show floor? Even more subtle themes snaked their way through the sessions.