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The Major Memes of HR Tech!
Often new phrases surface at the HR Tech Conference (or reach a volume) that get people buzzing. Three years later, they disappear into real software functionality or oblivion. Did you hear much about predictive analytics this year, while artificial intelligence smacked you in the face on the show floor? Even more subtle themes snaked their way through the sessions.
ADP Rewrites Payroll, Everything!
It feels to me like getting a third version of the Bible. Until a few years ago, 68-year-old giant ADP used, sold or licensed mostly software it had bought from other vendors. Except for its legendary payroll system, Autopay, which pays the employees of 635,000 clients. Now, everything is getting rewritten from scratch.
SAP SuccessFactors Tops Workday -- In One Part of Gartner's Report
In Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant, SAP SuccessFactors inched ahead of Workday in the vision category. While naturally some protested, a full-day briefing with 10 executives on Aug. 1 at company headquarters and the company's SuccessConnect user conference four weeks later showed why that came to pass.
The Absolute Latest from Workday
As part of my 17th annual Silicon Valley summer vendor tour, I spent Aug. 2 in briefings with a dozen Workday executives in Pleasanton, Calif. Some of what I learned will be in my annual "horse race" feature (now renamed "steeplechase") posting just before the HR Technology Conference® & Expo in October. Some of the company's latest strategy and developments are below.
Biggest HCM Deal for Infor!
Koch Industries (Yes, those famous brothers from politics) has paid $2.5 billion (yes, a "b") to buy 49 percent of Infor, the hard-charging ERP vendor. Koch got four of nine board seats and plans to roll out Infor CloudSuite HCM to its 130,000 employees in 10 companies in 60 countries. Lawson (remember them?) is officially reborn in Infor!
Another Course for Cornerstone?
Long the market's favorite talent-management-suite vendor, Cornerstone has continued to prosper (even becoming profitable!) as the market has turned to buying end-to-end systems instead. While keeping its historic position as a top learning vendor, the company over the past three years has been developing light Core HR functionality (an HRMS). Will that be enough to turn the corner?
SAP SuccessFactors vs. Workday vs. Google?!?
Soon after SAP SuccessFactors and Workday explained their latest and greatest at small, private influencer events at the most scenic venues in the Bay Area, Google rolled out its first HCM application to an auditorium full of hundreds of developers on May 17.
Has HR Tech Been Changing? Do You Think?
In the last five years alone, HR technology has moved from one era to another. The cloud, social applications in the enterprise, analytics and mobile are changing its course for everyone.
Zenefits Founder's Next Act!
Just about 14 months after leaving the company he founded, Zenefits, more or less in public disgrace, Parker Conrad has launched his next company called Rippling. There, he is trying to repeat the same amazing smartphone-like integration and ease-of-use, only this time for onboarding at small companies. And don't believe everything you've read about him. (Except here, of course.)
Changes in Oracle's Report Card
Self-reported, to be sure, Oracle delivered its twice-a-year report card in February at its HCM Cloud Analyst Day. Every year, I get one six months earlier for my annual "horse race" feature, in which I compare progress among the Big Three (the other two being Workday and SAP SuccessFactors, of course. Most startling at Oracle was hearing that, after 20 years, the Taleo name and product could be dying!
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