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The workplace challenges facing today’s CHROs have never been more daunting. Finding the right talent. Developing future leaders. Crafting a benefits plan that attracts and retains top talent. The list goes on. Fortunately, HR executives have plenty of tools at their disposal for addressing these and other concerns. But the challenge is figuring out which solutions are right for them. The featured content below is intended to provide HR leaders with some much-needed answers, offering them valuable insight on how they can successfully address their organizations most business-critical workplace issues.


Designing for Income to Help Drive Better Outcomes
Employers today face significant challenges in maintaining a competitive benefits program that includes helping employees achieve financial wellness in retirement. As fewer employers offer defined benefit plans, there is an increasing reliance on defined contribution (DC) plans, placing the responsibility of saving and investing for retirement largely on employees.
What Is The Missing Link in Your Assessment Strategy?
Here's what you'll find inside: What's missing in your assessment strategy? How can I assess my assessment strategy? Why is the mid-level leader so critical to your strategy? Assessment + development = better talent strategy.
A Closer Look at Bundling Vision
In today's world of healthcare and benefits management, companies are always trying to stretch their healthcare dollars further. Bundling benefits, which has been a hot trend in the past few years, can become an attractive option: who wouldn't want to initially save money on medical premiums and make plan administration simple by bundling in ancillary benefits such as vision? The truth is that the drawbacks of bundling vision plans may far outweigh the benefits.
Annual Comprehensive Eye Exams Save Employers Billions at No Additional Cost
Implementing a high-quality vision benefit is a high-impact, low-cost way for companies to ensure they're still reaching their primary goals: retaining employees, controlling healthcare costs and increasing productivity while providing quality benefits to their employees.
What You See Is Not Always What You Get with HR Software
What you see isn't always what you get with HR software. Despite the due diligence put into selecting HR technology, most organizations aren't satisfied. Executives don't think it helps HR be more strategic and users don't think it helps them be better at their jobs. Integration problems, poor user experience and data silos are the most common causes of dissatisfaction.

So how do you solve these issues and make sure that your next technology purchase doesn't compound them? The following articles will help you see beyond the pretty sales demos and glowing marketing to find talent solutions that meet your unique needs and bring real strategic value.

Why 2014 Will Be Another Transformative Year for Benefits Communication
As the HR function fights to keep pace with the evolution of corporate needs and priorities -- particularly regarding cost containment and regulatory compliance -- HR practitioners are trying to support both employees' interests and the company's interests.

Benefits delivery, however, is a prime area to demonstrate the value of a strong HR strategy, as it merges two key business functions: supporting employees in their well-being efforts, and supporting the company in maintaining its bottom line.

By crafting strategic health-promotion programs, employers can enhance both the job performance and health of employees. These articles will illustrate how such programs and accompanying communication efforts can help HR/benefits managers achieve positive outcomes.


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