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Breaking the Silence
Experts debate whether the current public discussion about sexual harassment will lead to cultural shifts in which all individuals can safely raise claims about abusive treatment at work.
High Court Docket: Unions, Overtime
The Supreme Court's decisions on two upcoming employment-law cases could end up weakening organized labor and impacting overtime for some workers, legal experts say.
Tightening Joint-Employer Status
A 2015 National Labor Relations Board decision expanded the definition of a joint employer under the National Labor Relations Act and Fair Labor Standards Act. But it could be reined in by a bill that just passed the U.S. House and is headed for the Senate.
An HR-Backed Workflex Act
A newly proposed bill seeks to give employers latitude in crafting flexible work arrangements. Will it have enough support to pass into legislation?
Clarifying Paid-Leave Policies
Employers may want to revisit their leave policies in the aftermath of a recent EEOC lawsuit against cosmetics maker Estee Lauder, experts say.
Changes Ahead for EEOC?
President Trump's nominees to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission could signal a sea change for employers, legal experts say.
The Future of Federal Labor Relations
In the wake of President Trump's recent executive order rescinding labor-management forums for federal workers, former union official fears grievances will "go through the roof."
'Renewed Attention' to ADEA
As the Age Discrimination in Employment Act reaches its golden anniversary, legal experts warn employers that three recent cases could portend an uptick in age-related suits.
Navigating ADA Compliance
A recently filed EEOC suit involving a deckhand's "perceived disability" highlights some of the ADA requirements that could sink employers in court.
What to Do About DACA
While both employers and immigrant workers await a Congressional solution to the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program, legal experts say employers are concerned that there will be other changes to immigration policies and enforcement.
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Legal Clinic Column

Question: An employee recently left our firm and we have reason to believe he took client lists with him. His employment agreement says that he is not supposed to take any confidential information from the firm when he leaves. But confidential information is not precisely defined in our agreement. Are names and addresses, such as those found on client lists, generally considered confidential information or not?