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ACOs: The Next Wave?
Accountable care organizations -- groups of different healthcare providers that share the responsibility of providing care to patients -- have produced mixed results in the few years they have been on the market, experts say. But companies are nonetheless beginning to gravitate toward them, according to a new survey.
Digital Diabetes Solutions
With employers footing a major part of the nation's massive diabetes-driven $300 billion medical bill, new digitally based workplace programs are showing progress in managing those costs and improving employees' lives.
Seeking FMLA Assistance
With a new study finding that more employers are opting to outsource FMLA management, experts offer HR leaders advice on what to consider before looking outside for help with handling leave requests.
Pulling the Plug on Lifetime Benefits
After a court ruled that Honeywell wrongly denied lifetime healthcare benefits to some retirees, experts say employers should think twice before attempting to end similar programs.
Medical Tourism's Bright Forecast
Despite some fears by both workers and benefits departments, the medical-tourism market is set to become a $3 trillion-dollar industry by 2025, and experts say companies should embrace the trend.
Is Starbucks Leading or Following?
The coffee retailer recently moved 160,000 workers to a private health-insurance exchange, following a similar move by a few other high-profile organizations. But why haven't more companies embraced the new exchange model?
'Telemental' Health is Trending Upward
Research finds "telemental" health technologies are emerging to deliver mental-health services to employees in new ways. Experts extol the virtues of such approaches, but caution HR leaders to be mindful of the privacy concerns and other issues surrounding these services.
Trouble with Transparency in Health Pricing
A high-profile study suggests that medical price-shopping tools don't cut health-care costs. But they still have real -- and growing -- value for companies, many experts say.
The Missing Link to a Healthier Workforce
HR and benefits professionals have an uphill battle in helping employees adopt healthy behaviors, but Alexandra Drane says a little empathy can go a long way.
Millennials and Wellness
A new report finds millennials more open to pro-wellness messages from employers -- as well as consequences for unhealthy behavior -- than older generations.
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Benefits Column

Does any company operate in a way that properly addresses the hot-button topics of the past year? The answer to that question can be found in the 10th anniversary edition of a book written by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia.