Dealing with
Choosier Candidates
Continued tightness in the labor market is forcing employers to find out what today's jobseekers are looking for.
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Does any company operate in a way that properly addresses the hot-button topics of the past year? The answer to that question can be found in the 10th anniversary edition of a book written by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia.

Talent Management

The short answer is no, but the reason the question is interesting -- and that so many people are raising it -- seems to be because they view HR as the police department of companies.
Making Fun Mandatory Nov 2, 2017

Inside HR Tech

A year after its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn is leveraging its new parent's tools and capabilities to strengthen its position in the market.
A Look Forward Oct 31, 2017

HR Technology

Often new phrases surface at the HR Tech Conference (or reach a volume) that get people buzzing. Three years later, they disappear into real software functionality or oblivion. Did you hear much about predictive analytics this year, while artificial intelligence smacked you in the face on the show floor? Even more subtle themes snaked their way through the sessions.

HR Leadership

HRE's HR Leadership columnist shares some final thoughts and advice to professionals looking to advance their careers in the field, including a call to be proud of HR's role within an organization.
When Trust Matters Jul 31, 2017

Legal Clinic

Question: An employee recently left our firm and we have reason to believe he took client lists with him. His employment agreement says that he is not supposed to take any confidential information from the firm when he leaves. But confidential information is not precisely defined in our agreement. Are names and addresses, such as those found on client lists, generally considered confidential information or not?
Training Harassment's First Responders
The near-daily headlines of sexual misconduct and harassment have shaken the nation's biggest companies. Here are a few strategies organizations can adopt to avoid becoming unwitting harassment enablers of bad behavior.
The Hierarchy of Workplace Needs
Abraham Maslow's groundbreaking theory on human motivation provides HR leaders today with a valuable roadmap of how companies can provide for every employee and unlock their full potential.
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